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Salvage FORD F250 2013 for sale

This vehicle is placed in Avon, Minnesota. It was Frame Damage Reporte damaged. Are you looking for a salvage Ford F250 car or Ford F250 parts to restore your car in Avon, MN at a great price? You can buy this Ford F250 vehicle at Minnesota online auction or through private treaty. You may purchase the car for thousands less then you normally pay and then restore it, keep it, dismantle for Ford F250 parts or sell it for a profit. Save money on buying this salvage Ford F250 car!

Make: FORD
Model: F250
Year: 2013
Mileage: 6336
Color: BLACK
Vin: 1FT7W2B64DEA56140   Check VIN
Vehicle type: CREW PIC
Condition: Salvage
Price: 21700.00 (starting)
Location: AVON, MN, 56310, USA
Search for salvage Salvage FORD F250 6.2L 8 2013 repairable vehicle for sale in the FORD inventory for sale from Salvage Auto Auction. FORD F250 salvage and FORD F250 repairable cars, SUVs, motos, trucks, RVs, jet skis, boats and other...
The information on a vehicle is given 'as is'. Please contact the seller for updating all the information, price and condition of the vehicle.
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